A metal or wood garage door – which to choose?

Are you leaning toward buying a wood garage door because of its look and warmth that it brings to your home’s exterior? It is certainly a good choice. Even so, did you know that you can get the same result with a metal door from Garaga?

We are knowledgeable of all types of doors, whether they’re in wood or metal. Just like metal garage doors, there are various levels of quality found in wood garage doors on the market, from the most economic to the top of the line with custom carvings on the door. In any case, to keep its beautiful finish, a wood garage door requires regular maintenance from its owner.

But before you go any further, ask yourself if it’s a country, traditional or even modern style you are looking for or, is it the natural aspect and type of wood.


Need help?

To help you make an “enlightened” choice when buying a wood or metal garage door, contact us! What’s more, we can provide you with a free quotation.

Standard+, Vog Chocolate Walnut Faux Wood
Standard+ Vog, Chocolate Walnut Faux Wood
Standard+, Shaker XS, Desert Sand
Standard+ Shaker XS, Desert Sand

The Garaga alternative

Did you know that Garaga has metal garage doors that give the appearance of wood doors? Many of these models are available with a finish that gives the appearance of wood grain, including Chocolate Walnut Faux Wood, American Walnut Faux Wood, Dark Walnut Faux Wood and also Weathered Grey Faux Wood with its shades of gray.

For example, the decorative PVC overlays on Princeton and Eastman doors, from the Townships Collection, blend traditional charm with the latest trends. These same overlays on Cambridge doors, also from the same collection, recreate a classical heritage style.

Carriage house style designs can also beautifully complement the look of your home: North Hatley SP, North Hatley LP, Shaker‑Flat XS/XSmall, Shaker‑CS LP/Long, Shaker‑CS Short, and our Village Collection.

Steel door with the look of a wood garage door
Princeton P-21, Chocolate Walnut Faux Wood

With the addition of decorative hardware reminiscent of wrought iron and a complete selection of decorative windows, all Garaga door models add value and prestige to your architectural environment.

These GARAGA garage door models come with a baked-on paint finish requiring very little maintenance, giving you the look of a wood garage door without its main drawback. Isn’t that what you are looking for in a garage door?

Design your dream garage door

To help convince you, design your next garage door using our Design Centre. Go ahead – upload a photo of your current home, or one to be built, and let your imagination do the rest.

Carriage house style door
Standard+ North Hatley SP, Ice White

Have you made up your mind?

Contact us now to set up an appointment so we can help you plan your project. We can supply you with a precise plan showing how to prepare your door frame and the overhead space needed for your new garage door to work correctly. We also provide electric garage door openers and smaller-sized doors for sheds.

To view all our Garaga window models, simply use our Design Centre. This way you can create your next dream garage door!

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